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Rajarshi Sengupta is a New Delhi based cameraman. He regularly works on Indian and international projects. His years of extensive travel and level of professional exposure, enable him to bring a high degree of reliability and technical expertise to every project that he takes up. Raja as he is popularly known has deep knowledge of various aspects of filming in India. He is responsive to the Director’s vision, fun to be with and a pillar of support for anyone setting out to shoot in familiar or unfamiliar places.

Raja loves to explore and collaborate with diverse styles and formats, through the lens of a camera and with lighting. His shooting credits and experiences include documentaries, corporate films, films for Non Profit Sector, shorts and promos.

Working as lighting cameraman and camera operator.
Worked with Sony PXW-FS7, RED MX, Sony CINEALTA-F900, Sony PMW-500/350, Canon EOS-C100, Canon EOS-C300, Canon EOS-5D MarkIII and SONY PMW-EX3.
Uses softwares like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, and Adobe Lightroom for his love for photography.
He is used to working to deadlines and budgets. Advise & guide on story treatments in terms of production values & technical viability.


Passion of travel and photography kept opening new frontiers for Raja. He has taken up still assignments for corporate clients like Apple, IKEA, Avantor Performance Material and Evonik. Shooting for his photography website The Front Seat Traveller he sharpens his visual sensibilities and quenches the thirst for travel.

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